Sunday, May 20, 2012

DAFT executive board positions!

Daft Executive Board Positions


- Lead/delegate meetings

- Schedule meetings (dates, times, places)

- Plan major events during the quarter (speakers, panels, fundraisers etc.)

- Represent DAFT at events (info fairs, our own events, events we’re invited to etc.)

- Arrange promotional tables as needed

- Manage SAF-B paperwork

Vice President:

- Communicate with president about meetings (including topics, dates, times, etc.)

- Assist president in meetings and events

- Run around and do things, really


- Manage money matters, etc.

- Manage SAF-B paperwork as well


- Record meetings/ideas from meetings for potential events and activities

- Follow up on event planning

- Post minutes to blog

Public Relations Liaison

- Update blog/twitter/youtube accounts

- Assemble contributors/topics to said accounts

Community Liaison

- Communicate between DAFT and interfaith community/other on-campus groups

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