Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DAFT Update

Hey y'all!
  • DAFT will be honored this Wednesday, June 1, 2011 with the "Most Improved Student Organization" award at DePaul's Leadership & Involvement Celebration. Congrats everyone!
  • The last meeting of the year will be this Thursday, June 3. We will hang out, eat pizza, and watch the remainder of Dawkins' BBC documentary "Root of All Evil?" It's a potluck, so please bring snacks!
  • Secular Social 2 was a great success! If you have pictures to share for the blog, please e-mail them to daftdepaul@gmail.com. Thanks for a great night, everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friday: Secular Social 2!

Hey friends,

If you're interested in purchasing tickets to Secular Social 2 online, please use the link below. The Secular Social will last from 10:00pm to 1:30am this Friday, May 27. Roci B has generously agreed to host us; her house is located just off of the Francisco Brown Line stop.

You can buy tickets for the DAFT Secular Social online through our PayPal link:

Tickets are $5 plus a $0.30 online processing fee. Ticket purchase includes light refreshments. After purchasing, your name will go on our guest list. Cocktail attire required for entry.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Warning: Angry and Insulting

Possibly the most angry post you'll see from me. I would, once again, stress that these are MY views, and should NOT be considered the views of DAFT or anyone else for that matter. I take full responsibility for this post.

Recently I've been browsing the internet. I'm sure you've all heard of the May 21st rapture theories of Harold Camping. For those of you who don't know- he's some old guy who decided it's a good idea to read the bible as a history book and pulled a few numbers out of his ass and deducted that the world will end May 21, 2011. Now, when I first learned of this, I brushed it off- like any other cult-like apocalypse prediction; you know, “another rich guy who lost his mind” kind of thing. But in the recent weeks I’ve seen billboards, busses, ads, and flyers pertaining to the doomsday stupidity. This is all very expensive advertising, but once again I threw it away.

Though, Today I read an article off of CNNMoney (http://money.cnn.com/2011/05/19/news/economy/may-21-end-of-the-world-finances-harold-camping/?section=money_latest). In the article it mentioned that the market value of Family Radio is 72 million dollars. This enraged me. I’m sure all of can imagine what 72 million dollars looks like. I want you to imagine that pile of money… now set it on fire. That is what Family Radio has done. They have 72 million dollars, money that can be used to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and educated the impoverished.

But, I guess helping people isn’t something they’re into. How silly of me to expect better of a fundamentalist religious group. They don’t care about pushing intellectual limits. They don’t care about making the world a better place to live. All they care about is themselves and their message. These groups don’t spread love, mercy, peace. They spread hatred and fear. Selfish and insane. What pathetic excuse for a human life. To have access to so many resources, access to so much money and use it to spread a message of fear, it's simply insulting.

I cannot stress this more. It is the minority of religions that control global shifts in social and economic power. It’s the minority Christian groups, like the fundamentalists off of Family Radio, that get the media attention due to their extreme views. They have the power, the attention. The extremists from every religion are the ones who get the attention, and they control all the positive and negative outcomes that result from such views. Buildings destroyed, doctors killed, children stoned, gays abused. This is not opinion. This is undeniable fact. The extreme minority gets the attention and consequently has the power and control.

[I would also like to point out that Atheists are subject to the same thing. Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris- they get all the media attention, rather than atheists like Chris Stedman. I’ve never even heard of him before he came to DePaul. I do not agree with him on many things, where I do tend to side with Dawkins and Hitchens, but just evening out the playing field and playing devil’s advocate here. ]

In conclusion, something has to be done. Ignorance like this is harmful and cannot be accepted. Some beliefs are NOT okay to be tolerant of. Some ideologies are hurtful to too many people. I hope eventually that this kind of brain-washing and rubbish can be halted- being replaced with a secular view, education, and global-views of humanism.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DAFT T-Shirts

Hey y'all! I was a bad girl today and when I should have been doing my homework I drafted a design for a DAFT t-shirt.

T-shirts are $15 each and are printed on an American Apparel Jersey T. I have to order them in the next day or so to get them in time for the end of school, so if you want one I need you to text me or e-mail me your size immediately but no later than 8pm tomorrow to guarantee you get the size you want. DAFT's e-mail is daftdepaul@gmail.com. You can pay on Friday with cash in person at Abby Hafer's lecture.

Thanks folks!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Secular Carnival Duty Sheet

Hi heathens! If you're signed up to work the Secular Carnival, the following is a list of duties and shift times. If you have any conflicts with what is listed below, please e-mail me ASAP at daftdepaul@gmail.com.

DAFT's Secular Carnival Duty Sheet
DePaul Quad
Ask An Atheist Free Speech Face Painting
Tim L (12pm - 2pm) Danielle (11am - 1pm)
Marcos C (3pm - 4:30pm) Erica B (11am - 2:30pm)
Jenn K (3pm - 4:30pm) Moira (3pm - 4:30pm)
Stone A Heathen & Debaptisms Pictures with Mythological Figures
Douggernaut (11am - 4pm) Brandi (11am - 2pm)
Scott D (11am - 3pm) Trevor (11am - 1:30pm)
Emily M (1pm - 3pm) Arthur (1pm - 4:30pm)
Brandi (2pm - 4:30pm)
Creationist Excuse Bingo Grilling
Mark A (11am - 1pm) Steve A (11am - 1pm)
Samantha R (11am - 2pm) Dominic M (11am - 1pm)
Alex W (1pm - 4pm) Andrew (1pm - 3pm)

Just as a heads up, the weather on Thursday is calling for "possible thunderstorms." If that's the case, we will be modifying our hours. Please e-mail me your phone number at daftdepaul@gmail.com if I don't have it already.

Thanks friends. See you Monday!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Late than Never

Hey guys!

Before I start, I would like to point out that the views presented in this post do not directly reflect the views of DAFT- they are my own and should not be generalized as the view of DAFT. Also, please excuse the terrible video quality and miserable production value- it was done on my webcam instead of my camera, didn't have time to upload a massive file.

I made this video the day of the news, so it's rather old, but still relevant. My opinion has slightly changed from the video, though. The one correction I would like to make is celebrating death. I'll make the shortest edit I possibly can:

Why do we celebrate a man's death? What is achieved? If one attains solace through revenge, then the death of Osama should be considered JUST that: a revenge killing... Because not much more is being achieved. Is his death any bit productive to the people he killed? I understand the circumstances, and I understand that there might not have been a way to capture him alive, but to celebrate the death of another human being is not exactly right. It's dehumanizing for both parties- to be so callous as to enjoy death. I may agree that his killing was justifiable, to some extent even ethical, but to celebrate it makes us no better than those who celebrate the suffering of our own nation.