Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shower the Secular Student Alliance with Your Love

So, I've never been a fan of Reddit. Too many encounters with r/atheism's (is that what it's called? I am such an old man) sexist trolls. However, my opinion of it may be changing.

The Secular Student Alliance, our parent organization, made the front page of that particular subreddit today thanks to Kenny Flagg, a tobacco-chewing rogue and a leader of the Freethinkers at the University of North Dakota, and in a short space of time its Facebook page has gone from ~6,000 likes to over 14,000.

Why is this important? Because the Internet is a powerful thing. And the SSA are among the most valiant crusaders for truth, justice, and candy in the world, and they deserve every bit of the acclaim. Even more importantly, they announced today that they have been given a $20,000 matching offer from Ron Verstappen, and every new membership they get goes towards that offer; that's a lot of money on offer for the organization. They could do so much more awesomeness with that kind of cash.

So what can you do, courageous DAFTers? Go like the official SSA Facebook page. If you're a Redditor, upvote the article; there are a lot of Christians and other mean types downvoting it, and we can't let them win. Finally, and most importantly, if you can, please become a member; it's only $10 per year for students. In fact, we will make this announcement: show a DAFT officer proof that you have become an SSA member, you will you get into next Friday's Secular Social for free. And for the first person who does it, I will act as your personal bartender all night long. I am completely serious. I will be at your beck and call, the Jeeves to your Wooster, the Alfred to your Bruce Wayne. Do you really want to pass up that chance?

Go forth and conquer.

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