Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Late than Never

Hey guys!

Before I start, I would like to point out that the views presented in this post do not directly reflect the views of DAFT- they are my own and should not be generalized as the view of DAFT. Also, please excuse the terrible video quality and miserable production value- it was done on my webcam instead of my camera, didn't have time to upload a massive file.

I made this video the day of the news, so it's rather old, but still relevant. My opinion has slightly changed from the video, though. The one correction I would like to make is celebrating death. I'll make the shortest edit I possibly can:

Why do we celebrate a man's death? What is achieved? If one attains solace through revenge, then the death of Osama should be considered JUST that: a revenge killing... Because not much more is being achieved. Is his death any bit productive to the people he killed? I understand the circumstances, and I understand that there might not have been a way to capture him alive, but to celebrate the death of another human being is not exactly right. It's dehumanizing for both parties- to be so callous as to enjoy death. I may agree that his killing was justifiable, to some extent even ethical, but to celebrate it makes us no better than those who celebrate the suffering of our own nation.

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