Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take Back The Night

Hi everyone,

I want to point out from the off that I don't feel entirely comfortable writing this post. I am a privileged white male; that is simply a fact. Thus, writing something like this, about something that I will never have to deal with, makes me feel like more than a little bit of a fraud. There are many more people in the DePaul community and probably just in DAFT who know more about this issue or who can put these things better than I can. However, this is an issue that I believe is unbelievably important and one that does not receive anywhere near enough coverage. So, here I go.

What I want to talk to you about in this post is safety. Now, usually when you hear a statement like that it's from some awful Republican senator about to make a case for why we should illegally detain and torture more Middle Eastern people. Instead, I want to talk about upholding basic human rights.

There is an event taking place on April 28th on the DePaul University's Lincoln Park campus called Take Back The Night. It is an awareness-raising march, speak out, and vigil for women who even in this day and age suffer every day from the threat of sexual violence in their communities. Women, far more than men, are killed for the mere fact that they are women, viewed by their assailants as weak and thus as easy targets.

While you may not have heard about it, killings and related incidents occur at epidemic proportions all across the world. And that, quite frankly, is a travesty. This is no longer 19th century London of Jack the Ripper stories. We should have long ago reached the level of enlightenment where women are no longer viewed as inferior to men. The fact is, however, that we have not. It is only through our voices, through our presence, that we can send a message that this kind of behavior can no longer be tolerated. There is power in numbers, in protests, in the right to assembly, regardless of what the political, business and media establishments want you to believe.

There is much, much more to be said on this issue. If you yourself have something to say, make your voice heard by joining us in Lincoln Park on April 28th, beginning at 4:30 PM by the statue of Father Egan at the DePaul Student Center. Also, make sure to check out the Clothesline Project on the Quad beginning at 10 AM that same day. Full details of the event can be found here or go to takebackthenight.org to learn more.

Make the bad guys know that they cannot win using their tactics of terror and intimidation. Stand with us and make it happen.


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  4. > Make the bad guys know that they cannot win using
    > their tactics of terror and intimidation.
    > Stand with us and make it happen.

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