Saturday, March 12, 2011


In the days of Japan’s tragedy, I have noticed a strong solidarity amongst religious groups to show support through prayer. It’s really nice to see people from all walks of life and belief systems come together and show support for those suffering. What a shame it’s all completely useless.

Firstly, I would like to express my deepest condolences for the Japanese people as they struggle through a disaster that would make San Francisco shiver in historical comparison.

Oh yes, but here’s a way to fix everything. Prayer- the most useless things someone can do. By praying you are talking to an invisible man in the sky asking him to assist people... Now I won’t even get into the “if god exists, the disaster wouldn’t have had happened” mantra, but I’d like to ensure that point gets across.

Imagine if all those who are futilely praying would get up, go somewhere, do something, and actually help a situation; OH, how much would get done… how better of a world this would be. Hm, who would have thought? 2 hands working do more work than thousands clamped in prayer. I am very well aware that not everyone is able to hop on a plane, but I pray (see what I did there?) you do something that can support these people.

If everyone who prays donates just 2 dollars to an organization like the Red Cross, the money would be rack up in the tens, maybe hundred millions. This money would allow those who are able to help better facilitate resources and assistance. Here’s a link of some organizations that would love nothing more than to receive a handful of prayer-filled money.

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  1. The Japanese themselves are praying, so why shouldn't we pray as well. I think the point of this post was to raise awareness and show people where to donate to help, but your over-defensivess due to fear of being wrong has turned this post into nothing more than a post bashing those who are religious. Your point was lost in your stubborness and innability to accept others beliefs. I pray (see what i did there) that you think next time you post and learn to overcome your stubborness.