Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meeting Minutes 1/24

Here are the notes from the DAFT General Meeting on 24 January 2011:

  • Our Send an Atheist to Church fundraiser will be taking place this week and next. People can vote with their spare change on five different religious services for DAFT to attend: Grace Baptist Church, DePaul Hillel, St. Vincent DePaul, Barry United, or UMMA Mosque Services. Look for tables in the student center Monday - Thursday 11:30am to 2:30pm.
  • Olivia will set up an official DAFT bank account so we are eligible to receive funds from the SSA.
  • The DAFT Secular Social is coming up soon! It will take place within walking distance of campus February 11th 10PM – 2AM. Admission – 5$ and includes light refreshments. You can purchase tickets using the PayPal link in an earlier post.
  • Plans for the DAFT website are being taken care of by Arthur.
  • There is a revised form letter at the bottom of this blog post to use for our Winter Panel Discussion. It was recommended that Kim Clark, Todd Feast, Nick Herrera, Naomi Steinberg participate in said discussion. If you know of a DePaul professor who would be able to take part in a panel on Raising a Religious Family, please e-mail them the letter below.
  • Eric D and Scott will be attending the Activists Unite Meeting networking activist groups on Thursday 5PM Dorothy Day room Library.
  • DAFT will be hosting Chris Stedman who will talk about the roles of atheists in the Interfaith movement. The discussion will take place February 17th 6PM in Room 380.


Dear Professor,

Greetings from the DePaul Alliance for Free Thought! We are the university's first and only student organization for nonreligious individuals. You are receiving this letter because a member of our organization has recommended you as a knowledgeable and articulate member of the DePaul faculty.

We invite you to represent your area of study in our faculty panel that seeks to answer the following topic: Is it morally right to raise a religious family? The panel discussion will feature five DePaul professors representing fields such as religious studies, developmental psychology, sociology, LGBT studies, and education. The discussion is open to the university and will take place the evening of March 10, 2011 on the Lincoln Park campus.

The DePaul Alliance for Free Thought is the university’s officially registered organization for atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, and non-religious students. We are an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance and have been proudly representing free thought on campus since November 2009.

Our membership is open to all DePaul students, undergraduate and graduate, regardless of major. We are committed to fostering community among non-religious students, educating the DePaul community about reason and free thought, and encouraging dialogue and interfaith cooperation.

We would be most glad to have you participate in our discussion. Please let us know if you are available and interested in being a part of this important event.


[Your Name]
DePaul Alliance for Free Thought

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  1. If Arthur would like any help on the website/graphics/etc I'd be happy to :)

    I'm certainly nowhere near professional/studying it, but I've designed sites like this before -